A Work

Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore

Designed in collaboration with artist Lim Tzay Chuen and writer Ray Langenbach, ‘A Work’ was produced to coincide with Lim’s art installation of the same name.

Inspired by the installation (which consists of a newly installed automatic glass sliding door that leads one to exit the gallery space) as well as Langenbach’s essay ‘Hidden Things’, each page of the book is divided into six equal sections, accommodating six parts of the essay. Part one of the essay occupies the top section of every page, while part two occupies the second section and so on. The text layout therefore require the reader to constantly turn the pages to look for the seemingly ‘hidden text’, and navigate back and forth to read the entire essay.

The dotted line that divides the six sections of the inside pages is repeated on the cover. Together with an unbroken line, they represent the minimal nature of ‘A Work’ (the opaqueness of the gallery wall and the transparency of the glass sliding door).

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