Assembly Bag

DesignSingapore Council /
NDP Exco 2007

H55’s much publicised Assembly Bag is the winning design that was commissioned for Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) 2007 Funpack.

Traditionally the Funpacks, goodie bags given out to NDP attendees, have always been cast aside as many feel that it is ‘uncool’ to be seen carrying one after the parade.

As a collaborative initiative between DesignSingapore Council and the NDP Exco, the 160,000 Funpacks produced for NDP 2007 were required to act as a ‘touch-point’, promoting the importance of good design to the masses and reflecting NDP 2007’s theme, ‘City of Possibilities’.

H55’s design solution, the Assembly Bag, which comes in 6 different colours, uses a modular system of fabric panels joined together by open-ended nylon zippers. This flexibility allows NDP attendees to customize the size of their bags by removing or adding new fabric panels. In addition, NDP attendees could create their very own uniquely coloured bags by trading coloured panels with friends, thus customising their bag and promoting a sense of community spirit at the same time.

Echoing the theme of NDP 2007, the Assembly® Bag’s endless possibilities for creativity, user interaction and customisation help to build a sense of ownership for the user, ensuring its continued use.


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