Design Difference


DesignSingapore Council

H55 created a data-driven identity to promote to the rest of the world that Singapore would be hosting the ICSID and IFI World Design Congresses in 2009. Jointly named ‘Design Difference’, the deliverables comprises an exhibition booth design (which was made of lenticulars), printed promotional materials, as well as an interactive website which aims to get as many people to register for the event as possible.

Taking into consideration that congresses dealt with people bringing ideas into a common space, H55 created a visual identity which consists of ‘thought bubbles’: each defined by the demographics of the registrant on the website and generated by a customised source code (done in collaboration with Kilo Studio). Each ‘thought bubble’ reveals its registrant’s information when moused over, in hopes of encouraging others to add their own bubble (effectively evolving the overall visual identity). The thought bubbles gravitate towards either the dots of the letter ‘I’ above ‘IFI’ or ‘ICSID’, depending on which event its registrant signed up for, before it fades away and rejoins the loop.

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