Raffles Institution

185 Years

Raffles Institution

Founded in 1823, Raffles Institution (RI) is one of the top ranked schools in Singapore, with an alumni community consisting of scholars and government ministers.

For their 185-year anniversary celebration, the objective was to create a commemorative visual identity, which would not only represent the school’s tradition and heritage, but also express their forward-thinking approach and relevance in a fast changing world.

Complementing their anniversary slogan, ‘Past Continuous, Present Intense, Future Perfect’, the ‘8’ from ‘185’ was reconstructed to subtly resemble the infinity symbol, and by extension, the idea of longevity and timelessness. A monotone version of the school’s classical logo was also created for a more updated feel. For its supporting graphics, the traditional Rafflesian stripes (from the school’s iconic neck tie) were adopted, to both highlight its past heritage and add visual dynamism to the overall look and feel. For the outdoor banners, the stripes were configured to be visually synonymous with ribbons and medals, subtly communicating the school’s stature.

This design initiative by H55 eventually influenced the school’s logo update when they merged with Raffles Junior College in 2009.

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