Identity and Exhibition Graphics for the Singapore Pavilion
at the Venice Biennale

DesignSingapore Council

The ‘Venice Biennale International Architectural Exhibition’ is the world’s biggest showcase of architecture design, attracting numerous participating countries every other year. The Singapore Pavilion’s exhibition, titled ‘Singapore Built & Unbuilt’, featured ideas by both local and international architects, offering a glimpse of Singapore’s future landscape. These include the 3 growth areas in Singapore at the time: Marina Bay, the City and one-north.

H55’s design response to the title, was to create a visual identity which appropriates both a (built) graphic skyline of buildings and a (unbuilt) natural landscape. This informed the logotype and motif for the exhibition.

Complementing the exhibition design, H55’s identity was applied onto the walls and seats of the pavilion, creating a printed landscape within the space.

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Built & Unbuily LogosSingapore-Built-&-Unbuilt-with-Web-Guides-New_2Singapore-Built-&-Unbuilt-with-Web-Guides-New_4Singapore-Built-&-Unbuilt-with-Web-Guides-New_5Singapore-Built-Unbuilt-with-Web-Guides-New_7Singapore-Built-Unbuilt-with-Web-Guides-New_9