Snore Louder

If You Can

Heman Chong

“Snore Louder If You Can” is a book about the works of artist-curator Heman Chong aka NoSleepRequired. As it is targeted at museums, art galleries, and curators, we wanted the book to be more than just a promotional book of Chong’s works, but a collectible object that would be appreciated and memorable.

In response to the title, a scene of the book sitting in a room during bedtime was imagined, and sparked off the idea of using glow-in-the-dark ink for the book cover.

In the predominently black and white book, a thin chapter on glossy stock which features several of Chong’s installations is sandwiched by 2 main sections: the front consisting of 6 essays, and the back featuring 70 full page images, resampled from Chong’s ‘God Bless Diana’.

The book received positive feedback from potential collaborators in art communities around the world. Amongst these were from those who got a surprise (or shock) when the lights went off at bedtime.

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