Souvenirs from Singapore
Logo and Publication


‘Souvenirs from Singapore’ is a contemporary shop-in-shop concept that seeks to provide an index to the local souvenir landscape.

Keeping in mind that a souvenir is something that is kept as a reminder of a memory, person, place, event, narrative, or experience, the logo is an indexing system which uses superscript footnote numbers to meaningfully link each souvenir to a respective description.

The ‘monospaced’ arrangement of the logo letters caters to different ways of reading: Souvenirs from Singapore, Souvenirs of Singapore, Souvenirs from me, etc. As a prelude to the ‘Souvenirs from Singapore’ series of objects, the ‘Souvenirs from Singapore’ book, which features a collection of 100 ready-made everyday ‘souvenirs’, was launched. These ‘ready-mades’ were indexed using negative numbers which led to the first Souvenir of Singapore produced by retailer, Supermama.

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